Fusing expansive psychedelia with evocative roots rock accents on Danger Mouse's Columbia Records imprint, 30th Century Records.

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Looking Back - Turning into Water EPMaybird
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Nothing Lasts Forever - Things I Remember from Earth LPMaybird
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Bluebird Flew Away - UnravelingMaybird
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In May 2013 Kurt Johnson, Jesse Sprinkle, and Aaron Hall, musicians and recording engineers from Upstate New York, traveled to Kampala, Uganda. They worked with local singers, songwriters, rap and hip hop artists, and children from Kampala orphanages to create a cross-culture collaboration benefiting the homeless youth of Kampala, Uganda.

This record shares the voices of the Kampala streets with the world. In these songs you hear the profound resilience, daily struggles and the hope that ties the children of Kampala together as a community. Recorded in alleyways, gardens and orphanages, this anthology is an invitation to Paradise. Here, everyone is welcome.

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Come OverParadise, Uganda
00:00 / 04:11
TwinkleParadise, Uganda
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