Monday, April 27

5:00pm - 6:15pm

$25 via PayPal or Venmo 


COVID-19 Update: In order to support continued learning through these hard times, reduced rates are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask!

In this workshop we will be demystifying the guitar’s fretboard by unlocking chord, octave and scale shapes that will connect back to the common chords you already know. You will learn to navigate the neck with a complete, big picture approach.


We will touch upon some common chord progressions to learn how to recognize and utilize the concept of “root motion”. This will unlock a range of possibilities, whether it be coming up with new parts for songs, connecting “pockets” where you may be stuck when soloing, or introducing new approaches for writing. 


This workshop is sure to inspire creativity and improvisation skills as well inform your analysis of songs you already know, or songs you learn in the future. 


The UNLOCKING THE FRETBOARD workshop is for the intermediate level guitarist. Participants should have a basic understanding of the major scale, the first position chord shapes and also have the ability to play bar chords.